Friday, July 16, 2021

Poland - RAFAŁ - The Ride

14 - 35 pts in semi 2
Poland was represented by RAFAŁ  (Rafał Brzozowski). His song The Ride was revealed on March 12.
Radio edit

The song is written by Joakim Övrenius, Thomas Karlsson, Clara Rubensson and Johan Mauritzson

The song was released as a digital single with the karaoke version on March 15.

A new version was released on May 14. It took me some time to find the difference between this Radio edit and the original but it's less beats at 1:10 mins.
Same goes for the new Radio version karaoke.
The radio edit also has (some?) new vocals and other changes (see comments)
There's also a change in the publisher so that probably explains the changes.

Songwriter Clara Robensson released her own version of the song on July 16. 
I think this is the original demo.
(b-track to her single Love In Siberia (Softwall music digital)

P.E. teacher, wrestler, TV host and singer Rafał Brzozowski got his first break after appearing in the talent show Szansa Na Sukces in 2002. 
In 2011 he appeared in The Voice Of Poland but didn’t make it to the final.
In 2017 he entered the Polish NF “Krajowe Eliminacje do Konkursu Piosenki Eurowizji 2017“ with the song Sky Over Europe which finished 2nd behind Kasia Moś’s Flashlight.
He recorded five albums, including a Christmas album. 

2020 hopeful Alicja saw her Empires crumble and she wasn't asked for 2021.

The Ride
- digital 15-3, Rotterdam 2CD
The Ride - Instrumental (= karaoke with b-vox)
- digital 15-3
The Ride - Radio edit
The Ride - Radio edit karaoke
- Radio edits digital release 14-5
The Ride - 2nd karaoke (maybe not really different but the intro is cut)
- 2nd karaoke on official karaoke album (digital)
The Ride - Composer version by Clara Rubensson
- digital release

Links and sources
Rafal Facebook Website Instagram
Poland 2020

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  1. The differences between the original and the revamped 'Radio Edit' versions are actually more significant :) It's a new vocal take, especially towards the end you can hear there's more ad-libs and stuff. Also some minor changes to the backing track as well.


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